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PLANT : Medium Tall , 1.5 To 2.0 Feet High
FLOWER : Extra Large Like Dahlia Flower And Very Attractive
COLOUR : Mixture Of White,Yellow, Pink, Orange And Red Shades
SPECIFICATIONS : Long Flowering Period, Suitable For Cut Flowers.
SOWING TIME : February To September

Zinnia flowers are one of the easiest plants grow. They grow quickly, and their prolific, bright flowers bloom in vivid or even neon shades from mid-summer to fall. They make a massive burst of color in your garden and they attract butterflies. They also don’t need much care, just simple weeding. Pinching spent blossoms encourages new blooms. Zinnias make beautiful border plants and cut flowers. Zinnia helps cure constipation and the extracts are used in many beauty products.

Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Broadcast seeds in beds and rake it to cover seed. Maintain a distance of 8-10 inches between plants.Irrigate immediately and then as per requirement but the soil should remain moist always. Flowering starts after 40-45 days after sowing. It blooms almost all the year round.

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