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Sunflower Honey 325g


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Sunflower Honey 325g

Ingredients – 100% Pure Honey

Sunflower honey has exceptional nutritional value and healing properties. This honey is highly ranked in the world, mostly collected in France and Spain. We collect pure sunflower honey by placing bee hives in Umred region near Nagpur, Maharashtra were sunflower is predominantly grown during winter season. Like its flower Sunflower honey is bright goldish yellow in color. This honey is a good source of instant energy and is used by many athletes. Owing to its mild and sweet flavor it is one of the best variety to use in Tea.

Health Benefits of Sunflower Honey –

  1. Sunflower honey, owing to high presence of natural glucose, gives instant energy.
  2. It acts as immunity booster as it has high pollen content.
  3. Sunflower honey has hydrogen peroxide, this compound together with its acidic Ph and enzymes makes it highly antibacterial.
  4. Owing to its sweet and mild taste it’s the number one variety recommended to be used in Tea.


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