SOWING TIME : Year Round Sowing Except January-February
LEAF : Uniform Green, Tender, Crisp,Smooth And Broad, No Red Pigmentation
CUTTINGS: After 30 Days, Multiple Cuttings Can Be Taken

Spinach All Green – the quintessential health vegetable! Remember the references made to green leafy vegetables for improving general body health, well this is it! This is the green leafy vegetable that offers health benefits beyond one’s knowledge! Spinach belongs to the Amaranthaceae family which is native to West and Central Asia. Originally, it is believed to have been discovered in Persia and a bit later in India and China. By the 10th century, its presence was also recorded in the Mediterranean. An annual plant that can also withstand lower winter temperatures, the Spinach is the primary source of Iron among the vegetables! The dark leafy green bouquet is rich in minerals (Copper, Calcium, Iron), vitamins (K, C, E), folate and dietary fibre that ensure skin, bone, and hair health. It is also an abundant source of plant protein and assists the body in regeneration and recuperation.

Spinach is extremely beneficial for curing anemia when combined with a regular intake of beet root. The vegetable is low in calories and only offers the wholesomeness and goodness of nature that is expected from natural food. You can cook, steam, blanche, eat raw or make a spinach smoothie and enjoy your spinach just the way you like it!

Add this super food to your garden to get a healthy supply for your diet all year around! Get our pure seeds now.

Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Sow seeds 3-4 cm deep in raised rows at distance of 9 inches between two rows. Water it immediately and then water as per requirement. After germination, keep only one plant at one place and remove all other plants just after germination. First cutting after 30 days.

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