SOWING TIME : May To December
POD LENGTH : 7-8 Inches Long
POD COLOUR : Shinning Green
POD SHAPE : Straight And Sleek

For us Indians mongray ki sabzi holds a very special place in our staple vegetarian diet. It’s a dish which is made using the quintessentially Indian curry spices and offers an explosion of flavor which is, needless to say, also quintessentially Indian. So if you have ever wondered what is Mongray and why is this greenie is extra-flavorful, then behold – Mongray are Radish pods, essentially the seeds of the Radish plant! Belonging to the same family as full-grown radishes, the Radish pods are formed when you let the Radish plant bolt for a while. It’s a vegetable in nature’s beautiful green color and packs a tasty punch! It is a summer vegetable which was originally considered native to Asia and Europe. Today it can be found even in North America.

The Seed pod or the Radish Pods belong to the Brassica family and hence, they have a strong fragrance and flavor. Like the Radishes, the pods also contain an abundant amount of water and mostly the same nutrients. They are low in calories and do not contribute to fat in the diet. They offer the necessary cooling for the body when it is heated. You can cook, steam, or eat the pods raw. They also make popular pickles! Get the Radish pods seeds from ATG and grow your own Mongray! We bet the already sumptuous mongray ki sabzi will be even more so when you pluck it right out of your gardens!

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