SOWING TIME : Year Round Sowing Except December To February
LEAF CHARACTER : Unique Short Leaved, Margins Folded Inwards Like Palak Leaves, Spoon Shaped
ROOT COLOUR : Pure White From Top To Bottom And No Green Shoulders.
SPECIFICATIONS : Uniform Length, 6-7 Inches Long ,Cylindrical In Shape, Smooth Surface And Sweet In Taste.
MATURITY : After 30-35 Days From Sowing.

The Radish has been gracing our salads and dinner dishes for a long time now! They are an edible root vegetable and were known to have been found in Europe in prehistoric times. Along with Europe, India, China, and parts of Central Asia have been popular designated centers for Radishes. They belong to the Brassicaceae family which commonly include the mustards and the cruciferous vegetables. Crunchy when eaten raw, Radishes have a sharp and, somewhat, stinging flavor to them. This is due to certain chemicals such as glucosinate, myrosinase, and isothiocyanate. These are also compounds that make Radishes very healthy and nourishing. Radishes are a strong detoxifier and as a result they are extremely good for liver and the stomach. It is also used as a treatment for jaundice. Radish is a roughage which means it is extremely good for digestion and curing constipation. People also use the vegetable for curing diseases such as Piles, Cardiovascular irregularities, respiratory disorders and others. It is a super vegetable and undoubtedly ensures a healthier body when intake is regular.

So don’t wait! Order the Radish Chetki seeds at All That Grows! Radish Chetki is a variety which is great for tropical regions and in some parts of Southern and Central India, it can be found all year around!

Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Sow at least 2-3 seeds in 6 inches raised rows at distance of 1.0 feet between row to row and 3 inches feet between plant to plant. Water it immediately and then water as per requirement. After germination, keep only one plant at one place and remove all other plants just after germination. Harvest after 30 – 35 days.

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