MATURITY : After 75 Days From Sowing.
LEAF CHARACTER : Straight And Dark Green

Parsley, the sweet and pungent tasting dried herb or a fresh table garnish originated in Southern Europe and has been cultivated for almost 2000 years. It was extensively used and revered by Greeks. Belonging to the Apiaceae family of plants, Parsley is not just an ingredient used in cooking but has medicinal properties too. Comprising of both nutritious and healing qualities, Parsley is regarded as world’s most popular herb. The true worth of Parsley can be understood only once you know about the unique components it packs within itself. The first is a type of volatile oil that prevents the formation of tumors in lungs and neutralizes carcinogens too. The second is the presence of antioxidant flavanoids. Parsley also consists of Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, E, K, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium and many other highly beneficial nutrients and minerals. Because of being so nutritionally charged, it helps you fight rheumatoid arthritis, strengthens immunity, helps control diabetes, and also prevent internal inflammations.

Parsley as a herb is widely used as a seasoning over soups, salads, pastas, over grilled food, and even used for making dips and sauces.

The bed is ploughed properly. Prepare the flat beds and make rows 1.0 feet apart and planting is done 6 inches apart. Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Irrigate the beds immediately after transplanting and afterwards as per requirement. Harvest starts after 90 to 100 days from transplanting

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