Gluten Free Chapati Mix 1kg



Gluten Free Chapati Mix 1kg

• Enjoy soft fresh gluten free chappatis anytime

•  Made with extra grains and seeds

Shelf Life: 5 Months

Make soft, fresh and healthy chappatis which add nutritive value to your everyday meals. This product is a perfect blend of gluten-free grains for gluten sensitive individuals.

Suitable for: For all, especially for people with special dietary requirements such a those allergic to gluten

Ingredients: Jowar, Arrowroot, Soybean, Sabudana, Rice Flour, Xantham Gum.

Serving Size: Comparatively lower appetite for chappatis due to its filling attribute.

Best served with curries, vegetables, gravy or stuffed

Allergens: The product is gluten-free, Corn free, Yeast free and egg free and doesn’t contain nuts.  Not suitable for individuals with soy allergy.

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Weight 1 kg


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