SOWING TIME : Recommended For Year Round Sowing Except May-June, Thus Very Late Bolting Variety.
PLANT CHARACTER : Plants Bushy, Profused Tillering,Numerous Side Branches
LEAF CHARACTER : Broad, Dark Green,Very Fragrant,Leaves On Side Branches Eatable Even After Bolting.
CUTTINGS : Number Of Cuttings Can Be Taken Till It Bolts

Coriander has long been used as a garnishing agent in almost all cuisines the world over. But there is so much more to coriander than just being an ingredient with a strong and much-loved aroma. Both a herb and a spice, coriander belongs to the Apiaceae family of flowering plants that also includes celery, carrot, and parsley. With origins in Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and South-Western Asia, it is mainly the fresh leaves and dried seeds in powder form that are consumed. The delicate looking and lush coriander plant is packed with extremely beneficial nutrients that both protect and regulate body functions. From being considered anti-diabetic to controlling cholesterol and free-radical production, the coriander does it all. Its healing properties are also said to be anti-inflammatory in nature. So now you know, coriander is not just a seasoning condiment but also particularly an excellent source of Vitamin A, C, K, calcium, manganese, magnesium and dietary fibre.

It is most famously used in salsa dips and chutneys, and generously sprinkled over soups, broths, omelettes and countless other dishes. If you are fond of coriander, you will find a way to include it in any and everything you eat. It’s that simple! So go ahead and give your preparations the coriander kick!

Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Crush the seed with feet to divide it into two parts.Place few seeds 1 inch deep at line to line distance of 9 inches and plant to plant 6 inches. Water it immediately and then water as per requirement. First cutting after 30 – 35 days.

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