SOWING TIME : August To October Sowing
ROOTS : Exceptionally Sleek, Tender And Tapering, 10-12 Inches Long And Dark Red In Colour,Very Attractive Shape And Size.
SPECIFICATIONS : 100 % Red Core, Sweet
MATURITY : 75-80 Days After Sowing.

The luscious red carrots, are at their glorious best during the fall months, i.e. from November to February. Carrots, also known as Gaajar in some South Asian countries including India, also come in black, purple, white, and yellow varieties apart from the easily available and widely consumed orange and red ones. If you are protective about your eyesight and want to restore it in the long-run, then carrots is what you should be eating more often. Including it in your daily diet also helps in regulating blood sugar levels, preventing the risk of brain stroke while also giving a boost to immunity.

Carrots make for a great mid-meal snack too. Simply pick a carefully washed and peeled one and munch on the fresh goodness. Even for salads you can play around a bit and experiment with interesting shapes. You can grate, shred, julienne, or slice them in sticks or roundels. Even if you want to cook them, make sure not to expose them to heat for longer periods as it will considerably reduce the benefits of beta-carotene and other antioxidants.

Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Make ridges at the distance of 1.5 feet and sow seed at the distance of 2 inches apart. Irrigate immediately and then as per requirement. Harvest starts after 75 – 80 days.

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