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SOWING TIME : August To October
HEAD : Green In Colour, Very Compact And Uniform
SPECIFICATION : Plants Are Very Strong And Tolerant To Heat
HARVESTING : After 65-70 Days From Transplanting

The origin of this cool-climate crop dates back to 2000 years ago in Italy. It was initially native to the Eastern Mediterranean region and Asian minor. It was introduced to America and England in the 1700s. Broccoli is a man-made vegetable. It was bred by Italian farmers. They carefully bred wild varieties of wild cauliflower and came up with one of the most nutritious vegetables available today. It’s literally a phytonutrient bomb! Indeed, broccoli is one of the highest sources of dietary fibres and proteins in the plant kingdom. Also, not commonly known but Broccoli is also one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, iron, zinc, selenium, calcium, and magnesium. The vegetable also adds high doses of Omega-3 fatty acids, niacin and Vitamin B1. With so many health benefits, Broccoli is now considered a power food by vegetarians and vegans around the world! Add it to your kitchen gardens to prepare a kick-starter of a meal everyday!

Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Raise nursery and transplant 30-35 days old plants at the distance of 1.5 feet between line to line and 1.0 feet plant to plant. Irrigate immediately and then as per requirement. Harvest starts after 65 – 70 days from transplanting.

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