PLANTS : Long Vines
SOWING TIME : Summer As Well As Rainy Season
FIRST PICKING : After 55-60 Days From Sowing
FRUIT : Shinning Light Green, Tender, Bulb Shaped
SPECIFICATION : Bears Fruits On Each Node (6inches Apart),Very Heavy Yielder

When going by the shape of this vegetable, the name is hardly a surprise. This variety of bottle gourd is called the Lattu Ghiya in India and is cultivated differently too. Grown along a trellis that comprises wooden or metal bars as a means of support for the fruit to retain its unique shape. Consisting of all the qualities of bottle gourd, the bulb or pear-shaped variant too, is an excellent source of Vitamin C, B, zinc, potassium, magnesium and many other beneficial and life-sustaining nutrients. Being rich in fibre, its consumption works wonders as a remedy for constipation and flatulence. It also helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels. With a high water content, almost 94%, the vegetable can be consumed without having to worry about burning calories.

So go ahead and grow the freshest bottle gourd bulbs in your homes and farms. Whether cook as a curry with your favorite spices or extract its juice, but make sure make to make it a regular part of your diet.

Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Sow the seeds at a distance of 4 feet line to line and 1 feet plant to plant. Water it immediately and then water as per requirement. Harvest after 55 to 60 days.

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