PLANT: Dwarf
SOWING TIME: September To October (Plains), May To June ( Hills)
PODS: Extra Fine ,Shinning Yellow, Fibreless, Straight
POD LENGTH: 6-7 Inches
FIRST PICKING: After 55-60 Days From Sowing

The ancestors of yellow beans are native to Central and South America. Yellow Wax beans, ideally harvested young, are crisp, succulent and tender-firm, with mellow grassy sweet and nutty flavors. They benefit your health by boosting iron and manganese intake. Both minerals have the ability to activate enzymes, including enzymes needed to produce energy and support your metabolism.They are also rich in Phosphorous, Vitamin C and Vitamin B1.

They stand out, as compared to other beans as french beans, classic green beans and purple beans in salads and alongside several companion ingredients. Use them to prepare hearty salads by combining with kidney beans, chickpeas, minced onion and a balsamic vinaigrette for healthy three-bean salad, or roast them with summer squash and cherry tomatoes for a roasted summer vegetable salad. You can also roast the beans on their own, adding minced garlic for flavor, or saute them with your favourite vegetables and lean proteins for a healthful stir-fry. Beans can be kept fresh for about 4 days, or blanched and frozen immediately after harvesting.

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