PLANT: Erect And Bushy With Small To Medium Leaves, Rich In Aroma
HARVESTING: 30-35 Days From Sowing
SOWING TIME: Throughout The Year

Tulsi is not only a household herb but also a highly honoured and venerated one! The significance of Basil in the Hindu religion dates back to ancient times. Even today in homes across India, Tulsi is a symbol of purity and is considered as a sacred plant to be included in all important religious ceremonies. Basil is also considered a highly affective herb with remedial and medicinal properties. Basil is native to India, Iran, and other parts of South Asia, but Mediterranean and European varieties are also commonly found. The European varieties are usually known as ‘sweet Basil’. The herb belongs to the mint family – Lamiaceae. Basil is a powerful herb with many health benefits! It is usually consumed as a spice and added to salads, cooked dishes, soups, smoothies, and even desserts! In India, basil seeds are soaked overnight and used to make some popular desserts such as faluda and sharbat-e-rihan. Basil is full of therapeutic chemical compounds that form the basis of many essential oils and give it the distinctive fragrance and flavor which closely resembles that of clove.

Basil leaves themselves contain many remedial essential oils such as eugenol, citronellol, linalool, citral, limonene and terpineol. These oils are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Other than the oils, Basil is also full of polyphenolic flavanoids like orientin and vicenin which act as amazing antioxidants. Vitamin A and K are found in abundant quantities in Basil along with other micro-nutrients.

One can go on and on about the health benefits of Basil because they are so many but we’d simply suggest growing your own healthy variety of this herb to get a fresh supply all season around. The pure, non-hybrid, and open pollinated seed variety at ATG will ensure that you get a fresh and bountiful yield.

Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Sow the seed one inch deep closely at the distance of 8 inches plant to plant and 6 inches row to row. Water it immediately and then water as per requirement.Harvest after 30-35 days from sowing.

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