PLANT : Dwarf , 1.0 To 2.0 Feet High
FLOWER : Small, Blooms Close To The Central Stem And Very Attractive
COLOUR : Mixture Of Different Shades Of Pink, Camellia Like Blossoms
SPECIFICATIONS : Early Flowering, Suitable For Bedding, Pots And Borders
SOWING TIME : Throughout The Year Except Winters
PLANTING TECHNIQUE : Soil Should Be Mixed With Well Rotten Cow Dung. Sow Seeds In Beds And Cover Seeds With Thin Layer Of Soil. Maintain A Distance Of 0.5 Feet Between Plants.Irrigate Immediately And Then As Per Requirement But The Soil Should Remain Moist Always. Flowering Starts After 7-8 Weeks Afer Sowing And Continues For Longer Duration.

Balsam is a medium-tall, rainy season annual that is grown for its beautiful flowers. The flowers are long lasting on the plant and are quickly replaced by new flowers. Balsam is one of the few flowers, planted from flower seeds, that can do well in sun or shade as long as it has plenty of moisture

Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Sow seeds in beds and cover seeds with thin layer of soil. Maintain a distance of 0.5 feet between plants.Irrigate immediately and then as per requirement but the soil should remain moist always. Flowering starts after 7-8 weeks after sowing which continues for longer duration.

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