Ajwain Honey 325g


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Ajwain Honey 325g

Ingredients – 100% Pure Honey

Benefits – Numerous health benefits of Ajwain is known to everyone, these benefits are multiplied when bees convert nectar from these plans to Honey.

Apart from many other benefits Ajwain Honey is:

  • very good for digestion and other Gastro intestinal problems.
  • It has high anti bacterial properties which makes it very effective for sour throat, cough and cold.
  • This honey is more tolerated by Diabetic patients and in some cases it has been found to cure Diabetes.
  • It is also very effective for weight loss.

These numerous benefits of Ajwain Honey makes it a number one choice for daily consumption.

Ajwain plant blossoms for a very brief period of time. This honey is collected by placing bee colonies in Ajwain fields for that brief period of time when it blossoms. This honey is dark in colour and has strong taste and fragrance. It is one of the rarest and one of the best honey harvested in India.

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